Malaysian Students Spark Outrage For Pooping in Shower at Popular Lodge in Japan

Malaysian Students Spark Outrage For Pooping in Shower at Popular Lodge in JapanMalaysian Students Spark Outrage For Pooping in Shower at Popular Lodge in Japan
A popular guest house in Osaka, Japan almost went so far as placing a ban on all Malaysians after three guests from Malaysia displayed unruly behavior during their stay at the lodge.
The guests, identified as students, reportedly engaged in an altercation with a staff of  Vitti Lodge & Family Apartment on Wednesday after they were taken in to stay for free.
According to the owner, the group had missed their flight back to Malaysia, and without having enough funds for a new ticket or a place to stay, Vitti Lodge offered them a place to stay.
In a Facebook comment, the owner of the lodge explained:
However, despite the goodwill and hospitality offered to them, the students still managed to cause trouble during their stay.
It was also reported that one of them even capped off the boorish behavior by defecating in the drainage hole before they left.
A CCTV footage of the incident generated heavy criticism from netizens after it became widely shared on social media.
In the video, it was revealed that an employee reminded the guests about the hostel rules which disallowed anyone to cook past a certain time. The teenagers reacted by using vulgar words and rude gestures. Malaysian netizens have slammed the teenagers’ behavior and expressed outrage for ruining the image of Malaysians in Japan.
Immediately after the incident, the hostel announced in a Facebook post that it decided to ban all Malaysian guests from staying at their establishment. The post, however, has since been taken down.
According to FMT, the translated message read: “To all Malaysian who are visiting Japan! Shower rooms are only used for taking showers and washing your body, you can’t poop in it (don’t shit in the shower rooms). Be polite and give a good picture about Malaysian and your people. This is the 3rd time this has happened in our guest house by Malaysian guests.”
It also added that they had already blacklisted Korean and mainland Chinese guests, and would add Malaysians onto the banned list.
Many Malaysian netizens who commented, apologized for the alleged behavior of the teenagers.
Soon after, the homestay’s management announced that the ban has been lifted following the teens’ own public apologies.
Vitti Lodge shared one of the apology videos on their Facebook page and made a plea for everyone to stop bashing the boys.
The offenders have reportedly agreed to bear full responsibility and pay for the damages they have caused.
“I spoke to my partner about this issue and as Muslims, we know we should not hold onto grudges against others,” Mohammad Soffi Roslan, one of the partners in Vitti Lodge, told FMT.
He then advised Malaysians to be more civic-minded and considerate when traveling overseas.
“I do not wish to see people going abroad and displaying uncivilized behavior because it may reflect badly on the person and the country,” he was quoted as saying.
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