Malaysian Restaurant Charges Extra to Rude Customers and Tourists

Malaysian Restaurant Charges Extra to Rude Customers and Tourists
Ryan General
By Ryan General
November 14, 2018
A Malaysian restaurant’s no-nonsense approach to rude customers has earned respect from netizens after images of its posters went viral online.
For starters, this eatery “Piao Xing Claypot Chicken Rice” in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, adds an extra 10 Malaysian Ringgit ($2.50) fee on top of the total bill for any misbehaving customer.
Obviously, this establishment simply does believe the popular business motto that “the customer is always right.” 
In Piao Xing Claypot Chicken Rice, customers with pompous or entitled attitudes are advised to leave their personal issues behind before entering.
“If you’re arrogant, grouchy, irritable or just a pain in the arse, there’ll be a RM10 charge for putting up with your shit,” noted one of the signs posted inside the store.
The now infamous PSA was first posted by a customer on Facebook on Nov. 10 and has since been widely shared on other social media platforms.
Based on the other posters, the eatery also takes issue on customers who give money to beggars.

“Normal people contribute to charitable causes. Idiots contribute to an increase in beggars. Are you normal?” one poster asked.
Facebook commenters have been cheering the restaurant’s blunt signage.
Meanwhile, some customers posted contrasting reviews of the place on Google Maps Reviews.
Featured image via Facebook/ Jonathan Teoh
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