Malaysian Police Officers Go Viral For the Most Obvious Reason Ever

Malaysian Police Officers Go Viral For the Most Obvious Reason EverMalaysian Police Officers Go Viral For the Most Obvious Reason Ever
Ryan General
February 27, 2017
Netizens have been swooning over a pair of pretty officers from the Malaysian police force after each of them recently went viral on local social media.
The gorgeous policewomen, named Irene and Oli Lee, are apparently friends who are stationed at police HQs located in Kuala Lumpur, according to investigative netizens. In her social media account, Irene, who has Chinese roots, states that she’s originally from Sibu, Sarawak.
The beautiful officers’ admirers point how they have been disarmed by their arresting good looks, reports Moretify (via WOB).
Netizens have commented in jest that they are willing to be arrested if Oli Lee was their arresting officer.
“Please arrest me. Make me do whatever you want!” commented one on social media.
Irene’s fans also turn into willing fugitives just to get a glimpse of her.
“I want to surrender myself,” a netizen jokingly said.
While they both look amazing in uniform, they transform into heartthrobs when they dress up or wear civilian clothes.
Make no mistake about it, despite their cute and charming personas, these Malaysian police beauties are highly dedicated to their job and it wouldn’t be a good idea to fool around with them.
In a Facebook post, officer Irene wrote about one of the challenges of being a policewoman in Malaysia is the negative perception some people have with local law enforcement.
She said: “I believed I have the responsibility to uphold the reputation of Royal Malaysia Police. Despite trying our best to protect the civilians, we’ve always been labeled as corrupt and incompetent.”
“We work tirelessly day and night, we risk our lives in the line of duty, and sometimes we don’t have time for our family. At the end of the day, our hard-work and sacrifice are not acknowledged by the public. We received no praise from the society but a ‘good job’ from our superior.”  
“Just because a few policemen lost their integrity, doesn’t mean everyone in the force is ‘dirty’. We don’t force you to like the police but please at least give us some respect. The police are human, not tools. ”
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