Malaysian Man Spends Over $46,000 To Turn Himself Into Video Game Character

Miyyo_Rizone Squall Malaysia

That’s one dedicated fan!

Amirul Rizwan Musa, 21, told Harian Metro in Malay that he has undergone many plastic surgery procedures totaling RM200,000 ($46,500 USD) since his modeling debut in 2014. His inspiration? Squall Leonheart, the handsome main character from Final Fantasy VIII – sans the scar, of course.

Miyyo_Rizone Final Fantasy

According to Harian Metro, Amirul states that he did not expect to go viral and has had mixed reactions to his looks.

“I have received numerous calls and messages continuously from the public who just aim to curse me. Worse still, there are those who came to see me face-to-face just to insult me,” he told Harian Metro (translated by AsiaOne).

Miyyo Rizone

Even though he has received some negative publicity, there’s been plenty of positivity to balance it out, as he owns his own cosmetics company and is routinely offered roles and sponsorships.

“Even though I went viral due to all the wrong reasons, it does not affect my rice bowl as I am still offered acting roles and product endorsements,” he said.

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