Malaysian senior rushing to hold up his nephew who fainted during parade gives us all the feels

  • An older Malaysian man went viral after photographs caught him rushing to help his nephew who had fainted during a parade in Kajang, Malaysia, yesterday.
  • The man’s 22-year-old nephew fainted after feeling unwell during the ministry’s enforcer parade at the Maktab Penjara Kajang.
  • The nephew stated that his uncle held him until he was able to stand again.
  • The photographs, uploaded to Facebook, garnered over 14,000 likes and 9,000 shares.

Photographs taken at a parade in Kajang, Malaysia, show an older man hugging and holding up his nephew, who had fainted after feeling unwell.

The photographs, uploaded to Facebook by the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Alexander Nanta Linggi, went viral as many online users’ hearts were melted by the uncle’s compassion and love for his nephew. 

Nik Mohamad Aadhar Nik Ismadi, a police officer in Sabah, Malaysia, was standing in formation during an enforcer parade at the Maktab Penjara Kajang in Malaysia. 

In the first few photographs, 22-year-old Ismadi is seen lying on the ground after fainting. His uncle, Abdul Aziz, can be seen sprinting towards Ismadi wearing a pink Baju Melayu, a traditional Malay attire. Aziz helps Ismadi and hugs him from behind until he gains consciousness and is able to stand again.

Ismadi explained that he had been feeling ill earlier in the day and ended up fainting during the parade. The first time he fainted, he was able to stand back up with whispers of encouragement from his surrounding officers. The second time, however, he was too weak to get back up. 

“I remember ‘Abah’ came to my aid. He hugged me and told me to get back up and told me to keep my spirits high while crying,” Ismadi told Mstar per Malay Mail. “He supported me until I could stand properly again.”

Ismadi described Aziz and his wife Rosmawait Ismail as parental figures, as they had been raising him since he became an orphan at 3 months old. Aziz, who works as a cab driver in Pengkalan Kubor, Kelantan, said he attended the parade after visiting one of his sons in Puchong. After seeing Ismadi faint, Aziz did not hesitate to help his nephew.

“As soon as I saw him fainting, I immediately ran from under the tent straight to Nik. I didn’t care about my slippers falling off. I helped him get back on his feet even before the medic team arrived,” Aziz told Mstar per Malay Mail. 

Aziz described his nephew as somebody who is very close to him and is not afraid to “express his love.”

“Even when at home, Nik is very close with me. He would often come to hug and kiss me on the cheeks. It’s kind of rare for a son to do that. But Nik is not afraid to express his love towards me,” Aziz said.


Feature Image via Facebook

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