Malaysian Instagram Star Recreates Amazing Characters With Her Hijab

Malaysian makeup artist Saraswati masterfully recreates a myriad of iconic characters from pop culture with creative help from her hijab.

Neytiri from “Avatar”

The rising Instagram star who also goes by the handle Queenofluna, has a ridiculously keen eye on detail as she incorporates her hijab to create spectacular costumes of Disney characters, anime icons, sinister villains and so much more.

Shego from “Kim Possible”
Kim from “Kim Possible”
Various characters from “Adventure Time”
Ariel and Ursula from “The Little Mermaid”
Various horror characters
Pennywise from “IT” (Pennywise’s stepmum)
Sally from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”
Zombie Snow White
Emily from “Corpse Bride”
Mystique from “X-Men”
Spawn from “Todd McFarlane’s Spawn”
Betty Boop
Ichigo from “Bleach”
Ryuk from “Death Note”

Saraswati skillfully blends hair and accessories with her hijab, which results in stunning character detail that is further complemented by her epic makeup skills.

With the rise of Instagram stars such as Malaysian cosplayer Miisa MHC, people might soon see a new wave of artists who will creatively rock their hijabs with pride.

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