Malaysian Husband Spoils His Wife by Secretly Putting Stack of Cash in Her Purse

After Facebook user Jess Tyk posted a photo of her husband’s surprise for her, many women started hinting their partner’s to spoil them in the same way.

According to WOB, Tyk flaunted on social media how her dear husband, Chin Yen Leong, planted a secret surprise for her. She posted a photo showing the stack of cash inside her wallet along with a quick story.

“This morning, I noticed something unusual about my purse. I opened it and saw a huge amount of cash inside. My husband admitted that he was the one who put them in,” Jess said together with the post.

Her husband revealed that he put money in her wallet because he seldom buys her gifts. But the girl may have hinted on something more appealing after saying, My husband is so adorable, he could’ve just give me card instead of cash. These cash are so heavy, how am I going to carry them around?”

Many netizens have mixed reactions to her post that now has over 3,000 shares on Facebook. While some were impressed by the husband’s sweet deed, some felt she was being ungrateful with the mention of giving her his card instead.

Meanwhile, there are still those very understanding women – who some men refer to as “unicorns” – who said that their significant others do not have to do the same thing to be able to send the message of love across.

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