Malaysian Grab Driver Marries Her Moroccan Passenger 2 Years After They Met in Her Car

Malaysian Grab Driver Marries Her Moroccan Passenger 2 Years After They Met in Her Car
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
December 27, 2017
Aiffa Syakirin Abd Maji, a Malaysian Grab driver, recently tied the knot with Badr Kebdani, a passenger she met two years ago, and netizens congratulated the couple as their wedding photos went viral.
via Instagram / missjumboqueen
The pair’s love story began in 2015 when Badr was traveling to Singapore and Malaysia for vacation.
On his way to Senai Airport in Johor, Malaysia, Badr requested a ride via the ride-sharing app Grab. His driver happened to be Aiffa, who describes herself as a friendly and outgoing person, according to Siakap Keli via Coconuts Kuala Lumpur.
Aiffa, who was working as a part-time nanny and Grab driver at the time, chatted with Badr the entire ride to the airport. The pair enjoyed their brief conversation in the car so much that they exchanged contact information.
via Siakap Keli
The two have since kept in touch online via WhatsApp, Skype and Facebook. Both Aiffa and Badr continued to communicate with each other for a year, but decided to take their friendship to the next level by committing to a long-distance relationship (LDR).
One year after jumping into an LDR with Aiffa, Badr returned to Malaysia for another break during the Moroccan winter. Fortunately, the trip would change both of their lives forever as Badr decided to propose his love to Aiffa, which she wholeheartedly accepted.
via Instagram / missjumboqueen
Aiffa shared their wonderful moment on her Instagram account @missjumboqueen. Many Malaysian netizens, as well as people from outside the country, were moved by the couple’s story.
In one of her posts, which received more than 16,000 likes from Instagram users, Aiffa talks about how her husband loves her for who she is and not for what she looks like.
via Instagram / missjumboqueen
He has never made me felt self-conscious about my weight and says that he loves my cheerful, honest and loving personality. He really touched me by purposely coming all the way here to propose to me and meet my family, which is why I accepted him, she added.
Cheers to the happy couple!
Featured Image via Siakap Keli
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