Malaysian mom discovers daughter running a gambling operation at school during recess

Malaysian mom discovers daughter running a gambling operation at school during recess
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Ryan General
September 6, 2023
A Malaysian mother purportedly made the shocking discovery that her 8-year-old daughter had been running a gambling operation at her school during recess.
A mother’s discovery: Sharing her story on the Utar Confessions Facebook page on Aug. 30, the mother expressed her bewilderment after noticing her daughter’s sudden financial affluence.
According to her post, the woman provides her daughter with a modest 50 Malaysian ringgit (approximately $10) weekly allowance for school-related expenses. During a shopping trip to a high-end mall, she spotted the young girl trying to purchase a luxury schoolbag priced at 899 ringgit ($194). When she tried to direct her towards more reasonable purchases, her daughter showed her that she had 1,550 ringgit ($333) — more than enough to buy the bag.
A mix of emotions: The daughter, who attends an international school, then purportedly revealed that she had been engaging in gambling activities during school recess, acting as a banker in games of chance. The gamblers are her fellow students who receive a daily pocket money allowance of 100 ringgit ($21).
According to the girl’s mother, she felt a mix of emotions, ranging from surprise to anger, as she grappled with the implications of her daughter’s gambling venture. Her husband merely laughed about it and even advised her to let it go.
What would you do: The mother sought advice from the public on how to handle the unexpected situation, but most commenters responded in jest. There were those who emphasized the importance of redirecting her towards more constructive pursuits, but most encouraged her to nurture her daughter’s lucrative hobby.
“Wow… Your daughter has a future,” a commenter wrote.
“Talent, focus on cultivating her and developing her on the right path….. Must be very strong in the future,” another chimed in.
“If she has the ability, you must continue to cultivate it well,” commented another.
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