Malaysian Critic: ‘If you weigh more than 132 pounds, please don’t attend fashion events”

Malaysian Critic: ‘If you weigh more than 132 pounds, please don’t attend fashion events”
Carl Samson
April 23, 2018
A Malaysian style critic has drawn ire after saying that people above a certain weight should not attend fashion shows for everyone else’s convenience.
via Facebook / Zaihani Mohamad Zain
Zaihani Mohamad Zain, also known as Kak Zai, a fashion industry veteran, wrote in an April 17 Facebook post:
“If you weigh more than 60kg (132 pounds), please don’t attend fashion events. Your huge thighs will take up so much room, making people sitting beside you uncomfortable.”
Kak Zai’s post has since been deleted, but her comments quickly sparked fury, especially among designers who are pushing for the acceptance of plus-size women in the industry.
One of them is Calvin Thoo, who challenged Kak Zai to speak her thoughts right in front of people’s faces.
“What right does one have to criticise plus-size people and telling them not to attend fashion shows? I dare her to walk up to an oversize person and tell it to their face that they are fat and should not attend shows.”
Datuk Tom Abang Saufi followed, sharing an Instagram post that shows how size is not a problem in the audience.
Adila Long called out Kak Zai in an Instagram story.
“I don’t understand why people still kiss your ass and think you’re a guru.”
But in a recent post on Instagram, Kak Zai apologized and clarified that she meant to take a jab at manspreading, or the act of a man spreading his legs so wide apart while seated.
Unreserved Style quoted her as saying:
“It wasn’t my intention to body shame anyone — family, friends or followers. But my Facebook status was about manspreading, which I experienced recently. During as my career as chief stylist for almost three decades, I would never have been able to carry out my duties if I was judgmental. So if I have offended any family, friends or followers, I sincerely apologise from the bottom of my heart.”
Featured Image via Facebook / Zaihani Mohamad Zain
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