Malaysian Boy, 9, Invents Solution to NASA’s ‘#1 Problem’


A 9-year-old boy from Malaysia may have solved one of the biggest dilemmas on NASA’s plate.

Easy peasy: Zyson Kang Zy Sun invented the “Spacesuit Lunar Toilet,” a portable toilet specially designed for astronauts, which would allow them to urinate in zero gravity, reported the New Straits Times.

  • The contraption does not need batteries and instead works by creating a vacuum that can siphon liquids excreted by the body.
  • It fits inside an astronaut’s spacesuit and is fairly easy to use while moving around inside space stations.
  • To remove the urine, an astronaut simply needs to move their legs once they’ve finished.
  • The movement lets the urine flow down straight into a container fitted in the astronaut’s boots where it is siphoned into a disposable container.


Top prize: Zyson’s design, which NASA may use in their future manned space missions, recently bested over 897 participants from 85 countries at the prestigious Lunar Loo Challenge 2020 (Junior Category).

  • Zyson’s coach Chong Soo Sheong shared that Zyson began the project in June and submitted the model to NASA for evaluation in August.
  • “On Oct. 29, NASA invited him to present his model at a webinar,” noted the 43-year-old coach. “The NASA team was impressed by the simplicity of his model.”
  • According to Chong, the portable toilet can be utilized by other professionals, including COVID-19 frontliners working on emergency cases. 
  • He also shared that Zyson wants to become a geneticist someday, revealing the qualities that made the young inventor a natural scientist.
  • “Zyson has a knack for inventions,” the coach said. “He is an avid reader with an extremely curious mind. Science simply excites him, especially astronomy.”

Featured Image Screenshots via ZYSON’s InnoCreation

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