Malaysian Artist Creates Puffy Cat Art Using Only Short, Thin Lines and It’s Too Darn Cute

Malaysian Artist Creates Puffy Cat Art Using Only Short, Thin Lines and It’s Too Darn Cute

March 28, 2018
Meet Kamwei Fong, a Malaysian illustrator who creates adorable drawings of cats with different unique personalities and in various shapes and fluffiness.
The project, which Fong calls “The Furry Thing,” shows the playful felines and their unique personalities, like the one where its tail is in an upward position, which apparently expresses confidence as it moves about its territory.
Another illustration features a curious looking one as it stares directly at its tail, as if it’s just waiting for it to make a move.
Fong began working as an illustrator in 2010; according to Colossal, he used to work under the moniker Bo & Friends.
His work is no doubt amazing, but what it made it even more so is the fact that he created all of it with just using short, thin lines.
Aside from regular fluffy cats, Fong makes the character’s tail into other objects, like this one that is inspired by the work of Japanese artist Hokusai titled “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” or simply “The Great Wave.”
Here’s one where the character’s tail has been turned into balls.
Or perhaps this one that seems to contain a silhouette of a cat – or am I just seeing things?
Here we have the character turned into a mountain — which Fong appropriately dubbed “Cat Mountain”.
This one pretty much points out why cats are always scared.
And lastly, a human head filled with thoughts of cats – or dreams, as what Fong calls it.
Follow Fong’s Instagram to see more of his work. The illustrator also sells signed print editions via his Etsy Shop.
Images via Instagram / kamweiatwork
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