Malaysian Airline Baggage Handlers Now Required to Hug and Kiss Luggage

Malaysian Airline Baggage Handlers Now Required to Hug and Kiss LuggageMalaysian Airline Baggage Handlers Now Required to Hug and Kiss Luggage
Baggage handlers from AirAsia are lighting up social media with photos of themselves hugging and kissing passengers’ bags and luggage while beaming with smiles.
The Malaysian airline has initiated a campaign where the handlers show how much they care about passengers’ luggage in an effort to turn a recent social media blunder around.
Last week, the budget carrier was caught in a controversy after a video of its baggage handlers mishandling luggage went viral.
According to the Facebook user who uploaded the widely shared video, her bicycle was broken due to the workers’ method of hurling luggage from the conveyor belt.
The footage sparked outrage among netizens, prompting both AirAsia Group CEO Tony Fernandes and AirAsia CEO Riad Asmat to address the incident publicly.
Fernandes said he was “really disappointed” about the incident, while Riad pledged that “stern action will be taken accordingly.”
A few days after the airline bosses’ public apology, photos of the handlers expressing some love on the precious baggage emerged online.
Facebook user Mohd Amir Izzat originally uploaded the photos on Monday, which were soon shared by an appreciative Fernandes on his Instagram account.
“It’s only take one of two bad apples to spoil everything. But it’s takes a team to take the knocks and come back stronger with humour and pride and be the best (sic),” Fernandes wrote. “I’m proud of my Ramp All stars #kissthebag.”
The inspiration to kiss passengers’ bags actually came from Fernandes himself, who told the company’s baggage handlers to handle passenger bags with care back in February.
“Please look after bags better. Every day I’ve got someone emailing me about bags. Don’t throw the bags anymore, kiss the bags,” he said in the video uploaded by another Facebook user Mohd Jefri.
Netizens praised the effort, with some promising to make sure their bags are clean for the AirAsia staff.
However, there are those who refused to buy into the gimmick:
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