Terrifying New Year’s Firework Accident Leaves 10 People Injured in Malaysia

A New Year’s Day celebration in Malaysia resulted in a horrible tragedy after a fireworks display mishap during a show caused injury to ten individuals.

Panic erupted after several fireworks failed to blast off into the air and started exploding on the ground during the New Year’s Day fireworks spectacle held at the Pandamaran Sports Complex in the seaside town of Port Klang.

Footage of the accident emerged online showing a number of fireworks going off dangerously close to the spectators who were there to enjoy the light show.

The crowd can be seen in the clips running in all directions, trying to evade the string of explosions all around, the Star reported.

“Seven victims were treated at the scene by medical personnel for minor injuries to their legs,” Selangor Fire and Rescue Department operations officer Mohd Hissam Sidik told the Star. “Another three were sent to Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah for treatment.”

Firefighters and medical personnel were immediately dispatched in the area and quickly attended to the injured victims.

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