Malaysia’s deadly floods force more than 72,000 people to evacuate

Malaysia’s deadly floods force more than 72,000 people to evacuate
via The Star
Michelle De Pacina
December 23, 2022
A monsoon in Malaysia has triggered landslides and rural flooding, forcing more than 72,000 people to evacuate their homes.
The country’s northern region was left inundated with muddy water after flooding began over the weekend.
Over 30,000 residents of Kelantan state fled their homes and were evacuated to temporary shelters in the neighboring state Terengganu. 
According to emergency services officials, five people have been killed. 
On Sunday, a 2-year-old girl was swept away by currents in Terengganu. On Monday, a 15-month-old baby drowned and three sisters were electrocuted while walking through the floodwaters, according to local media. 
According to the Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID), the rainfall in Kelantan hit a new record on Sunday with 627 mm (approximately 25 inches), the highest since 1967.
Photos and videos of the flooding shared on social media show rivers overflowing, brown water filling streets and cars being submerged underwater. 
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The DID expects more floods in the coming days since monsoon season lasts from October to March
According to experts, urbanization has made the country more susceptible to severe flooding. Officials have urged residents to evacuate when needed. 
The Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department has deployed 18,053 members, including the Volunteer Fire Brigade and Auxiliary Fire Officers, for flood rescue operations. Helicopters and drones have also been mobilized for severely affected areas.
Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim said the government had allocated RM400 million (approximately $90 million) to the National Disaster Management Agency for the emergency.

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