Japan’s former princess Mako and her husband officially relocate to NYC


Former Japanese Princess Mako Komuro and husband Kei Komuro arrived in New York City on Sunday, confirming earlier speculation that the couple would relocate after marriage. 

Life after royalty: Mako, the granddaughter of former emperor Akihito, renounced her royal title to marry Komuro, a commoner, at a registry office in Tokyo on Oct. 26.

  • The couple were first engaged in 2017 and faced years of intense tabloid scrutiny and cyberbullying, leading to the diagnosis of the then-princess with PTSD earlier this year
  • Adding to media criticism, Mako also decided to give up her royal title to marry her college sweetheart and forfeited the 150 million yen (approximately $1.36 million) dowry traditionally given to women who leave the royal household. 
  • Following their wedding, the couple had reportedly been living in an apartment in Tokyo while Mako applied for her first passport.

A new start: The couple was seen arriving at John F. Kennedy airport on Monday morning, accompanied by security. 

  • The media frenzy continued as the couple left Tokyo’s Haneda airport, surrounded by hundreds of reporters. The couple made no comment to the press. 
  • Kei previously lived in New York City while studying to receive his Juris Doctor degree at Fordham University’s School of Law in Manhattan. 
  • Reports suggest Kei will continue clerking at a law firm until retaking the bar exam in February, and Mako is expected to begin working. 

In a year of big changes for Mako and Kei, the move to New York symbolizes a new beginning for the couple.

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