Makeup Artist Exposed for Allegedly ‘Asian Facing’ and People Have Feelings

asian face

A woman on Instagram has been exposed for allegedly “Asian facing” and Twitter users are not having it. 

A makeup artist who went by the handle @scarebrat was accused of mimicking monolids to look Asian.

Scarebrat was put on blast by another user by the handle @rmtracklist who compiled photos to prove that scarebrat is not actually of Asian descent. Her Instagram account was soon shut down after gaining negative attention, but not before screen shots were taken.

An Asian user criticized scarebrat for her “Asian aesthetic” with monolids, which are a feature held most commonly by people of Asian descent. Monolids, or epicanthic folds, defy traditional Western beauty standards and have caused some to seek double eyelid surgery.

“As an Asian with monolid I’ve been scrutinised for having one, being called a chink or squinty eyes” the user said.

Scarebrat shot back claiming that, “I DO NOT GIVE MYSELF MONOLIDS. AT CERTAIN ANGLES MY CREASE IS NOT VISIBLE, AT SOME ANGLES IT IS, THATS JUST HOW MY EYES ARE… it’s not racist to take flattering pictures of yourself.” 

“What she really meant: ‘Its not racist to purposely take pictures of myself at an angle where i look like a whole different race bc to me i look flattering when i yellow face” another Asian user chimed in.

Scarebrat has since deleted her Twitter and Instagram account amidst the controversy.

Feature Images via Twitter / @rmtracklist

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