Chinese Tourist Goes Berserk After Violating Traffic Rules in the Philippines

Chinese Tourist Goes Berserk After Violating Traffic Rules in the Philippines
Ryan General
July 9, 2020
A Chinese woman is facing criminal charges in the Philippines after causing a public disturbance in the streets of Makati on Tuesday afternoon. 
Dong Li, 27, has been charged with physical injury and disobedience to a person of authority for arguing with Makati traffic enforcers and physically attacking them. She also assaulted a biker who just happened to pass by, reports Inquirer.
The biker, identified as Jefferson Sosa, was passing the street along Makati Avenue corner Jupiter Street when he came across Li arguing with a traffic enforcer. When Li noticed Sosa looking at her direction, she started attacking him with her umbrella. The biker sustained scratches on his neck.
Makati police arrested Li at around 5 p.m. after Sosa filed a police complaint against her. Prior to the altercation, Li was reportedly stopped by the traffic enforcers after she tried to cross Makati Avenue while the green traffic light at the intersection was on.
In a video uploaded by Facebook user Jayson Boongaling, Li can be seen shouting, kicking and hitting two Makati Public Safety Department personnel with her umbrella. Li also hit passing vehicles and a pharmacy store’s signage.
The traffic enforcers reportedly tried to handcuff the suspect to stop her from hurting other people nearby but she resisted. When they finally managed to restrain her, Li continued shouting at the officers.
When the video of the incident went viral, social media users condemned the woman’s behavior, with many calling for her deportation.
“Makati police are still coordinating with the Bureau of Immigration and the Chinese Embassy to review Dong’s immigration status,” Makati police chief Col. Oscar Jacildo was quoted as saying.
“We referred a case to the DSWD psychologist. We also coordinated with National Mental Health but they didn’t have staff during that time,” he said in mixed Filipino and English.
Li, a resident of Barangay Bel-Air in Makati, is currently detained at Makati Police Station Community Precinct 6.
If convicted of charges of physical injuries and resistance and disobedience to persons in authority and their agents, Li could face up to six months and a 50,000 Philippine pesos ($1,011.80) fine.
Feature Image (left) via Jayson Boongaling, (right) Makati Police
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