Majority of Asian Americans Approve of Transgenders Using Their Bathroom of Choice

The majority of Asian Americans are in favor of allowing transgender people to use the bathrooms of their choice, according to a survey published last week.

Over 4,000 respondents expressed their position on the 2016 National Asian American Post-Election Survey, which asked the question, “Do you favor or oppose allowing transgender people—that is, people who identify themselves as the sex or gender different from the one they were born as—to use the bathrooms of their identified gender?”

Results showed that 58% of the Asian Americans approve of the matter, while 21% oppose. The remaining 21%, meanwhile, support neither positions.

Breaking down the data, most of those in favor are Japanese (72%), Indians (72%), Filipinos (64%), Bangladeshis (57%) and Chinese (54%). Most in opposition are Koreans (43%) and Hmong (38%).

Meanwhile, 42% of evangelical Asian Americans oppose the proposition, compared to 38% who approve. There is much more support (62%) than opposition (17%) among their non-evangelical counterparts.

Korean and Hmong respondents are the groups most likely to identify as evangelicals in the survey, PRRI noted.

For context, a majority of all Americans oppose “laws requiring that transgender people use bathrooms corresponding to their birth sex,” according to a recent PRRI report.

Both surveys apparently show support for transgender people’s option to choose their bathrooms, but of course, neither are wholly conclusive.

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