Major Japanese Fashion Stores Are Seeing a Rise in Sales After Targeting Older People

Japanese department fashion stores have began altering their target demographic in hopes of improving dipping clothing sales. Major retail outlets have now shifted on developing fashion brands with a special focus on 50-year-old customers.
It is believed that the buyers in the older age group are more fashion-conscious and are more inclined to purchase since they were part of the generation who experienced being rich during their early 20’s in Japan’s bubble economy decades ago. With their children all grown up, fashionista grandmas have some spare money to spend, reports Japan News.
Recently opened fashion stores sales floors by Takashimaya in its Osaka and Tokyo’s Shinjuku outlets called the Season Style Lab are now making a killing selling items mainly for women around the age of 50. Season Style Lab products cost around 20,000 yen ($200), which are about 30% cheaper than similar items from other brands.
Takashimaya developed and created a huge percentage of the products line with the help of manufacturers. Products available are mostly mainly knitwear and cut-and-sewn pieces of clothing. Specialty items tailored for the age group, such as pants that conceal body shape are also available.
“We meet the needs (of women around 50) so they can enjoy fashion,” Takashimaya store director Yukiko Shimameguri was quoted as saying.
Other Japanese fashion stores and brands have also followed suit, developing their own fashion lines with similar focus on elderly clothing. Some retailers like Front Retailing will have their own brands rolling out later this month.
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