Maid in Singapore Pretends to Be ‘Possessed’ in Front of Nanny Cam to Scare Her Boss

Maid in Singapore Pretends to Be ‘Possessed’ in Front of Nanny Cam to Scare Her BossMaid in Singapore Pretends to Be ‘Possessed’ in Front of Nanny Cam to Scare Her Boss
Carl Samson
March 29, 2017
A Singaporean employer took some bizarre home footage to social media after discovering via CCTV that her maid was “possessed.”
Nurul Baker noticed that her maid was acting weird on March 23. Confused, she decided to check their home’s surveillance cameras.
She then found that something horrifying took place while she was away. Apparently, her maid seemed “possessed” after coming out of the bathroom.
Nurul shared the footage (via All Singapore Stuff):
“My maid got possessed by ghost in my HDB flat after she came out of the shower… Lucky mum and kids were not home.”
The “possessed” maid quickly scared netizens for her striking resemblance to Sadako/Samara from “The Ring”. Wearing a creepy white dress, she walked “like a zombie” and hunched forward while keeping her hands behind her back.
The screen then flashed and showed her instantly sitting on the floor. After another flash, she is seen lying on her back in a freakishly distorted position.
While obviously scary, some viewers assumed that the maid actually staged her “possession” to scare Nurul so that she would be allowed to return to her home country. Facebook users commented:
“Did you notice she does this at where the camera is facing? She’s not doing it near the baloney or partially hidden. She knows where the camera is facing, and she wants YOU to see this. Still, it is unsettling to know your maid does this. It seems, she doesn’t want to work for you anymore.”
“This kind of fake possession very common. Don’t fall for it. My maid did it previously and she confessed that this was what all the other maids told each other to do if they wanted an exit strategy.”
Some questioned her motive and Nurul’s responsibility:
“The domestic helper should get help from the employer albeit she was possessed by spirit…not by letting the whole world to judge her. She came all the way to earn a small amount of money just to send it back to her family, so I am asking, why does she need to put up an Oscar horror scene? She is supposed to be under the care of the employer. Maybe this house really haunted?”
Watch the footage:
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