New ‘Maid Gym’ Lets You Workout With The Help of a Cute Japanese Girl

There is certainly no shortage of maid cafes in Japan due to the extreme popularity of the maid cosplay (based on French maids outfits) in Japanese culture.

Such shops often offer slight variations not just in clothing but also the type of service provided by the server “maids,” as they act their roles as servants while treating customers as pretend-masters.

Interestingly, the once novel concept has become so mainstream that it birthed a variation outside its usual realm: the Maid Gym.


According to RocketNews24, the first of such kind is set to open near Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan. Incidentally, it is the district where Cure Maid Café, the first permanent maid café in the country, was established in 2001.


To make the venture happen, the MAID GYM project organizers set up a page on the Japanese crowdfunding website Campfire, where it received massive support.

With still over a month remaining, the project has already reached its monetary goal. With more money still coming in, the Maid Gym project has proven how the concept remains quite popular. The crowdfunding page, however,  has not yet specifically indicated the exact time and date of the gym’s opening or where it will exactly be located.  

Sessions, as expected, are pricier than what one may find in a normal gym. A single 50-minute workout, for instance, can cost around 7,500 yen ($66). A 10,000-yen membership fee is also required before the first session.


All maids in Maid Gym will be trained in proper equipment use and safety to better assist clients. As an added bonus, the use of the facility will be limited to just three customers at a time.

A short video shows a simple demonstration on what type of assistance the maids will be offering once the gym opens:

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