Beauty influencer apologizes for using anti-Asian slur in makeup tutorial video

Racist Makeup Tutorial
  • A video tutorial shared by makeup brand Juvia’s Place sparked online backlash over the use of an anti-Asian slur.
  • In the video, influencer Maggie Carrie explains that she drew her eyeliner in a certain way to give her eyes a “ch*nky look.”
  • In response to the criticism, both Carrie and Juvia’s Place have issued separate apologies.

A barrage of online criticism has prompted a makeup brand and a beauty influencer to issue separate apologies for the latter’s use of an anti-Asian slur during a makeup tutorial video. 

The controversial clip, which Juvia’s Place uploaded on its social media pages last week, shows influencer Maggie Carrie saying she wants to give her eyes a “ch*nky look” as she applies her eyeliner.

While Juvia’s Place has taken down the original video, screen recordings of the clip have emerged online, attracting more backlash from social media users. 

Warning: The following video contains explicit language. Viewer discretion is advised.

In response to the criticism, the makeup brand posted an Instagram Story to apologize for Carrie’s comment, saying, “We understand a video posted on our page has a comment in it that is offensive.”

“Please know that we continue to be true to our mission of being a brand that represents all races, all people and all cultures,” the message continued. “The video has been removed. We sincerely apologize [sic] tribe.” 

Carrie also issued an apology via Instagram Stories for using the slur “unknowingly”: “I sincerely apologize to anyone whom I may have offended in any way. Unknowingly, I used an insulting word to describe an attribute. My fault! I ain’t know [sic]. We learn something new everyday [sic]!”

In a separate post on Instagram, Carrie defended her use of the slur, explaining that she was “simply trying to describe a [sic] attribute.”

“You can shoot me for being uneducated but I am not racist,” she added. “You honestly can tell I did not know but after learning so I apologize.”

Commenters also called out Carrie for using the slur twice in her apology. 

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Featured Image via Juvia’s Place

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