AR-15-wielding MAGA religious group buys 130-acre holy retreat in Tenn. for $460,000

MAGA religious group

A pro-Trump religious group, led by Pastor Hyung-jin “Sean” Moon, that uses AR-15 rifles during ceremonies has purchased a 130-acre holy retreat in Tennessee.

“Spiritual download”: Moon leads services at Rod of Iron Ministries, also known as The World Peace and Unification Sanctuary, while wearing a metal crown of bullets and carrying a golden rifle.

  • In a recent broadcast of Moon’s “The King’s Report,” he said the nearly-half-a-million-dollar Tennessee property is similar to a spiritual retreat in Cheongpyeong, a city in South Korea, and made him feel a “spiritual download.”
  • “Many, many, many busloads of people are going to come to pray there and do ancestor liberation there,” he said.
  • Moon went on to say he plans to build a divinity school, elementary school and an incubator for future “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) politicians on the property.
  • Besides attracting just ordinary MAGA supporters, movement architect and former Trump advisor Steve Bannon and ex-NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch, took to the stage at the group’s Freedom Festival last weekend, according to the Independent.

“Ansu”: Moon’s gun-toting religious organization is a spinoff of the Unification Church, which was founded by his late father, Rev. Sun-myung Moon, a self-proclaimed messiah whose followers were known as “Moonies.”

  • The senior Moon ran ansu liberation workshops in Cheongpyeong, South Korea, where former church members claim they went through weeks-long sessions of physical and spiritual abuse.
  • “There will be no ‘ansu’ activity,” Timothy Elder, director of world missions, told VICE News. “We have no intention of repeating these excesses at the Tennessee property.” 
  • The Tennessee property acquired by Rod of Iron Ministries sold for $460,000 on Zillow.

Featured Image via VICE News (left), @rodofironministries (right)

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