Student Athlete Gets Nearly No Punishment For Instagramming Asian Teen in the Bathroom

Student Athlete Gets Nearly No Punishment For Instagramming Asian Teen in the Bathroom

May 29, 2017
After playing a devastating cruel prank on an Asian girl, a high school star athlete was given a mere 3-day suspension by school administrators, and now the victim’s parents are understandably upset.
The female athlete at San Ramon Valley High School in Danville, California earlier confessed to videotaping the victim, a 16-year-old, with her pants down while she was urinating in the girls’ bathroom. She then posted the footage on Instagram, according to East Bay Times.
For her actions, the perpetrator was penalized lightly with a brief suspension and was even allowed by the school to play in a championship game.
Earlier this week, Denise Lynch, the victim’s mom, made an impassioned speech to the San Ramon Valley Unified School District board, pleading for it to take action because they noticed alarming changes in their daughter’s behavior, particularly in her studying and eating habits. She also expressed concern that their daughter sees her tormentor almost daily at the school.
“My daughter is suffering,” Lynch said. “I don’t know how much more I need to tell you, that the sheer presence of this individual who committed this unspeakable crime towards her… every single day she’s on campus brings up unnecessary feelings for her that she’s reliving this over and over and over again.”
Sean Lynch, the victim’s dad and a former police officer, called the bullying policy of the school district as merely “window dressing”.
“If our daughter had hurt herself or God forbid something worse would have happened, we’d have the candlelight vigil and we’d have all the community outcry and everyone would be asking, ‘What more could we have done?’ Now’s the time to ask this because the next child this happens to may not have the support system we have at home,” Sean Lynch said.
“The district uses progressive discipline, meaning that the type of discipline may in part depend on a student’s past behavioral history,” District spokesperson Elizabeth Graswich said in response to the accusations.
“We are also increasingly using restorative practices when possible.”
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