Oreo Launches Lychee-Flavored Cookies to Celebrate Lunar New Year

Lychee Oreos

Oreo is celebrating the Lunar New Year with a special new flavor hitting convenience stores in China for a limited time. 

The company has launched lychee-flavored Oreos in China, available now through April 2021, according to Mothership.

Since 2021 is the Year of the Ox, these sandwich cookies and their packaging feature images of a cow (a member of the same Bovinae subfamily as the ox) and other elements of the Lunar New Year.

A box of lychee Oreos contains eight small packets with a red and gold wrapper. 

According to Sina, “life is as sweet as honey,” so expect this new lychee flavor to be especially sweet.

Oreo lovers outside of China who want a taste of these lychee-flavored Oreos may purchase them online via T-mall/Taobao or on eBay at $22.99 per box.

Over the years, several special Oreo flavors have been released in China. Some of the most notable ones include Wasabi, Green Tea Cake, and Blueberry Ice Cream.

Feature Image via Sina

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