Japanese Supermarket Creates One of the Largest Sushi Rolls Ever Made

luxury sushi

Ito-Yokado, a supermarket chain in Japan, is releasing a large, luxury sushi roll as part of its Setsubun celebration, which will take place on Feb. 3.

The sushi roll, called Goka Kenran (“Opulent Luxury”), is an ehomaki roll that is typically consumed during Setsubun, a celebration that welcomes the beginning of spring in the Japanese lunar calendar.

Like sushi inception, there are several sushi rolls stuffed within one larger sushi roll. Altogether, the 18 by 9-centimeter (7 by 3.5-inch) roll contains 25 ingredients, according to PR Times via SoraNews24.

via Ito-Yokado

Ingredients inside the massive sushi include:

  • Minced tuna and young yellowtail
  • Octopus, sea bream, sweet shrimp, sea urchin
  • Salmon belly, squid, shrimp
  • Sardines, spicy cod roe, flounder, surf clam
  • Crab, mussels, perch
  • Herring roe, scallops
  • Saltwater eel, salmon
  • Tuna, salmon roe, scallops
  • Core: Tuna, egg, flying fish roe

Ito-Yokado also added cucumber and shiso (Japanese basil) into the mix.

via Ito-Yokado

The full-size Goka Kenran costs at 5,378 yen ($49.62) and the half size is 2,700 yen ($24.91). Unfortunately, the pre-order period for the massive sushi roll has already ended, based on the notice posted on the order page.

Feature Image via PR Times

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