Luxury Apartment in China Comes With the Tiniest Sink Ever

Luxury Apartment in China Comes With the Tiniest Sink Ever

March 19, 2019
A man in southeastern China is fuming after discovering that a sink in his new “luxury apartment” is actually smaller than his hand.
The homebuyer, who has not been identified, just moved to the Poly Roland International Garden, a lavish residential neighborhood of more than 12 tower blocks in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province.
Last month, flats in the neighborhood reportedly sold for an average of 34,980 yuan ($5,210) per square meter, while three-bedroom units cost three million yuan ($446,960).
At such prices, the new homeowner was shocked to find the practically unusable sink, which is located on the balcony.
Footage from Pear Video shows that even a mobile phone cannot fit in the sink flat. While this sink is secondary to the one in the bathroom, the homeowner still plans to use it.
“I’ve never seen a sink this strange,” he told Guangdong Radio and Television Station. “It’s different from the sink I saw in the showroom. That one was normal.”
“How can you call it a hand-washing area if you can’t even fit your hand into it?”
Because the same sinks are installed throughout the residential complex, more homeowners have complained and replaced them with usable ones.
In response to the issue, Poly Group claimed that such homeowners had viewed a different showroom while buying apartments. Instead of seeing flats in the second phase of the complex, they allegedly viewed units in the third phase.
“It is natural that the size of the sinks would be different,” a spokesperson told reporters. “We have never promised the size of the sink when they bought the properties.”
Poly Group and the homeowners are still negotiating for a solution, according to Sohu News.
Weibo users had plenty to say:
“This is clearly fraudulent advertising.”
“Do these property developers actually hate buyers?”
“They should let the developers live there themselves.”
“What the hell? So because the third phase is more expensive than the second, the sink is bigger?”
Images via Pear Video
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