Taiwanese Designer Breaks the Internet With Her Stunning Youthful Looks

Taiwanese Designer Breaks the Internet With Her Stunning Youthful LooksTaiwanese Designer Breaks the Internet With Her Stunning Youthful Looks
A Taiwanese designer’s incredibly youthful looks have left the internet mesmerized after her real age was revealed.
Lure Hsu, who can definitely pass for a teenager with her appearance and preppy fashion, is actually approaching her 42nd birthday in August.
According to Daily Mail, the fashionable interior designer from Taiwan first caught the public’s attention in 2015 after her younger sister, 35-year-old actress Sharon, brought her to an entertainment show.
Later that year, fans were shocked when Sharon posted a greeting on Facebook to celebrate her sister’s 40th birthday.
The fans reactions are quite understandable since Hsu effectively matches her fresh looks, smooth skin and wrinkle-free face with a style commonly suited for high schoolers.
Hsu’s social media accounts soon became flocked with thousands of netizens eager to know more about her.
Soon enough, her Instagram account gained over 255,000 followers while her Facebook account has so far amassed 345,000 likes.
Hsu’s photos went viral recently after several local websites in China and Taiwan shared her photos. With local media calling her “the goddess with a frozen age,” her popularity further increased.
After being featured on local social media platforms, her fans on Weibo immediately skyrocketed to 340,000.
Hsu shared in an interview with a local magazine that she believes she owes her youthful looks to drinking lots of water and eating vegetables.
She noted that keeping herself hydrated is of her highest priority to stay looking young.
Hsu said that she stays away from sugary drinks, and her only other drink of choice aside from water is a cup of black coffee every morning.
As for her diet, Hsu said she enjoys vegetarian meals, with Chinese cabbage being her favorite.
She explained that she sticks to light-flavored dishes and avoids strong dipping sauces because of what she refers to as their “high energy level”.
In the interview, she further revealed that she takes Vitamin C pills and collagen supplements daily to keep her skin’s radiant glow.
Hsu also emphasized the importance of sunscreen during the summer and recommended a daily routine of moisturizing their skin because, she says, “once your skin has enough water, you don’t even need to worry about aging and wrinkles.”
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