Man Tries to Troll Singaporean Startup on Instagram, Gets an Unexpected Reply

When an online store launches on Instagram, they’ve really got to add that extra edge to stay competitive, even if it means promising their customers a 100% increase in attractiveness.
On Instagram, Lupine & Co. brands itself as the Coolest & Most Unique Accessories for the Modern Man,” including this little fun fact:
“Wearing ONE accessory increases your attractiveness by 20%.”
One customer named CM decided to find out how real Lupine’s promise was to make him 20% more attractive in his quest to get laid. Not expecting to be totally serious, CM emailed them on June 19:
“Hi, Does your Majestic Don Juan bracelet come in another size? 19cm is a little too small for me. Also, your Instagram account says that wearing one of your accessory would increase my attractiveness by 20%, is there a way to up by 100%? Figured it’ll help in getting laid. Thanks brah.”
Lupine’s customer service rep, Wolfie, responded back promptly and politely:
“Hey CM,
Thank you for your inquiry. On behalf of Lupine & Co., I would like to extend a warm welcome to the Lupine Lifestyle.
First off, our Majestic Don Juan bracelet comes in free size but it is elastic so no worries about the length.
And yes, you could wear five accessories and achieve a 100% boost. Here are some suggestions.
Our flagship necklace, the Intriga Master Key necklace, would compliment your bracelet nicely. You will definitely receive a lot of questions about the item at the bar. To use it as a pickup line, simply respond that the silver key around your neck is the key to your chastity belt.
Feel free to check out the rest of our items and I guarantee you’ll find at least five to double your attractiveness.
Wolfie the friendly Lupine Helper”
Then CM replied:
“Thanks for your reply Wolfie. Is there refund if I don’t get laid?”
To his surprise, there absolutely is a 100% refund for not getting laid:
“Hey CM,
Sure there is. We strive to make every customer happy and always promise to over-deliver.
When you put on our cool and sexy accessories, you’ll be transformed so fast you won’t even believe it. Trust me.
In the unlikely event that you’re not 100% satisfied with our products, just drop us a note and we’ll offer a full refund as mentioned in the FAQs on the site. 🙂
Have a nice weekend!
P/S: Remember to place an order even if you’ve already gotten laid this weekend. Nobody ever complained about being too hot.
If that isn’t the best and most professional customer service on Instagram, then I don’t know what is.
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