One-Legged Basketball Player in China Goes Viral for His Incredible Three-Point Shots

Luo Xiangjian

A one-legged basketball player in China is reminding everyone on social media to never give up on your dreams.

Luo Xiangjian, a 26-year-old viral star from Kunming, Yunnan province lost his right leg at age 5 after stepping on an unexploded bomb left from the Sino-Vietnam War, according to an interview with South China Morning Post in December 2019.


Luo, who won a national three-point competition, discovered his passion for the sport during junior high school, Shanghaiist reported. Since then, he has been training hard in the hopes of playing at a higher level someday.

He spends countless hours at the gym trying to strengthen his body and about two hours of basketball training daily.

In addition to the three-point competition achievement, Luo was also a torchbearer for the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta.


He plans to open up his own basketball club and help children in Yunnan province.

In a similar story, a one-armed teen also went viral in June for his incredible basketball skills. His online fame managed to reach NBA player Stephen Curry, who praised the teen and called him “an inspiration.”

Feature Image Screenshot via South China Morning Post

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