Elderly Asian Man Gives ‘Spiritual Massages’ By Rubbing Womens’ Breasts and Groin

An old Asian man is getting a lot of criticism for his questionable “spiritual massages” that involves kneading women’s breasts and private parts while at public spaces in New York.
In a number of his videos, the elderly masseuse, Luo Dong, approaches women at parks, beaches or on the street and offers them a free massage. Each of his massage sessions are recorded and uploaded onto one of his many accounts on YouTube.
As he massages the women who are sometimes fully clothed and other times partially clothed, Luo explains the meaning behind “Qi” and how his techniques help with its flow through the body. Qi literally translates to breath or air. Figuratively, Qi means material energy or vital life force. He writes in the description of some of his videos:
“Qi is the universe of all raw energy that can change any germinal substance.”
The underlying principle of Qi is used as the basis for traditional Chinese medicine and philosophy. It is also believed to be an essential part in the practice of acupuncture, a technique that involves stimulating specific body points by inserting thin needles through the skin.
One of his YouTube accounts, Luo Dong Second Channel of Spiritual Massage, has over 22,000 subscribers.  The account, which was created in May 2016, has received more than 12.3 million views on the videos combined.
During one of his massage sessions, a woman asked Luo why he recorded his videos. He explained to her that by giving her consent to be filmed she will allow other people to learn about Qi energy from her experience. He said:
“Video for everybody all over the world they learn. Over 1 million will watch this video and learn from you.”
It appears that a majority of the women in the videos are thankful for his services post-session. Those who consent to be filmed are eager as they believe they are helping expose others to Luo’s teachings.
Among Luo’s unique massaging techniques include sucking on a woman’s head or neck. In some videos he can even be seen fondling women’s breasts and stroking their genital areas.
Luo’s videos are uploaded to a number of YouTube accounts including Luo Dong Channel 2Luodong 羅冬生 luodongLuo Dong chinese massage videosMr. Luo Dongasmr best sensation videosASMR BroadcastASMR LuoDONG and possibly more.
Luo’s accounts are variations of his name with some listed as “ASMR,” which stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. ASMR is a sensory experience sometimes described as euphoric tingles up a person’s spine and head from visual or auditory triggers that “feel good.”
While there appears to be hundreds of his massage videos on YouTube, a number of his more explicit videos are believed to have been removed by YouTube for its “sexual content.” One YouTube user wrote:
“…they banned him cause he didn’t understand that some of his ‘techniques’ are not orthodox and are or could be interpreted to be off limits. One of the subjects of one of his videos reported him because he inappropriately touched her in areas she did not consent to do. He comes off as a pervert and he is famous in NYC as the groping pervert chinese ‘masseuse’. This guy is a nut, a full blown kook. His ‘methods’ are really not even correct. He’s just some nut going around giving free gropes to whoever is naive enough to accept. Most of the people that receive the ‘massages’ leave grimacing, confused or perplexed.”
Luo’s bountiful online videos have generated a lot of criticism from viewers who comment on his massaging methods. Though Luo markets his services as spiritual, others don’t quite see it from his perspective. Reddit user Vinshade wrote:
Many have speculated that Luo lacks credentials and actual experience in the profession. However, he comes off as convincing because he appears to be non-threatening. One person commented on a forum:
Others are shocked that women would subject themselves to such an intrusive massage by a stranger who approached them in a public space.
People have also pointed out that Luo gives attractive female clients special attention. He supposedly spends extra time massaging their private areas.
Though some are repulsed and think Luo’s spiritual massages are a scam, others express their admiration for the old man. His online supporters comment on his existing videos on YouTube asking for more content.
Luo offers his services free of cost, but his clients are able to give donations. He also claims to be able to heal people through his “computer massages.” In a video titled “307 Online Treatment girl,” he can be seen rubbing a women’s front area shown on screen.
Some commenters confirm his methods as legitimate and similar to the style of Thai massages.
To be fair, he also massages men in public spaces in a similar fashion as well.
Here, Luo is applying his sucking technique on his client who doesn’t appear to be resisting.
In another video, Luo caters to topless male clients. He uses a similar method that he uses with women to apply pressure close to the man’s pelvic areas.
In response to the criticisms, Luo wrote a comment on one of his videos. He remarked that men have generally scorned his services while the women he has served are grateful for his healing powers.
According to Luo, he has been the target of many hateful comments. However, he says his main intention is to improve his client’s well-being.
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