People Are Offering Themselves for $100/Hour as Dates for Lunar New Year

lunar new year

People are offering themselves up online as a boyfriend or girlfriend for rent this Lunar New Year celebration to save you from awkward encounters with your family members.

Prices for the service on Carousell Singapore can range from 80 Singaporean dollars ($59) to 100 Singaporean dollars ($74).

via Carousell
via Carousell

While some people are seriously offering this service, others only promote themselves for a laugh. Facebook user Bryant Luo put himself up for hire as a joke, according to AsiaOne.

In his post, Luo jokingly starts his rate at 88 Singaporean dollars ($65) per hour for meeting his client’s parents. Then if the woman wants him to be the “perfect husband material,” she has to cough up an additional 188 Singaporean dollars ($139).

Luo also added some add-ons such as hugging or holding hands in front of relatives for an extra fee.

Carrine Low, whose post has since been deleted from Facebook, also tried to jump onto this business for the Lunar New Year with her own rent-a-girlfriend ad. Her prices started at an hourly rate of 100 Singaporean dollars ($74) as a regular client or 88 Singaporean dollars ($65) for a student discount.


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RENT A GIRLFRIEND *LAST MIN CNY SALE!! EVERYTHING MUST GO* Are you gay? Asexual? Have better things to do than buy into the construct of love? Fret no more Try me… Above average looking, cute girl next door look (high in demand), 163cm, 42kg Bio: – 22 years old – NTU graduate / Celebrity / Model – Pure Chinese (racist relatives sure like) – Got body got face got education – 100% parents ah gong ah mah satisfaction – Love food and travel – Mentally, physically, spiritually superior to your ex – Sweet talker or a bad bitch… up to you 🙂 – Street smart, independent (jobless) – Can subdue your nosy middle aged auntie / get chummy with your mom – Appearance 3.5/10 without make up – 10/10 with make up (no plastic surgery done) Things I can do: – Always take angpao from strangers – Peel prawns – Oscar winning acting skills trained from watching korean dramas, your family will never ever suspect anything – Play mahjong which i learnt from my racist grandma Things I cannot do: – Drive (my license for display only) – Car talk – NS talk – Sports talk – Objectify women talk – Standing broad jump Choices of persona: – Smart local U girl (4 years experience) – Chinese ah lian (7 years experience) – Gym rat gf (1 day experience) – Microsoft office (10 years experience) – The girl of your dreams kinda gf (22 years experience) – The gf you got pregnant on christmas eve (no experience but quite confident) – Rich sentosa cove girl (no experience but I have a Channel bag from JB) Salary commensurate with experience * FAKE ENGAGEMENT PROMO! * Package includes: – Making it official on FB – Calling your parents pa & ma – Photo album of us (photoshop done by Daryl Aiden Yeow) – Ring to be provided by client and kept by me (min. 2 carat, VVS1 and above) My rates: 100/hr 88/hr (student price) Promo additional +$0.30 Please do not hate, it is a free market and I am offering a unique service for people who need some company this Chinese new year. But for those of you who don’t need me this Chinese New Year please check out @fragrance_bak_kwa Fragrance in Every Bite!

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Low incorporated bits of humor into her ad by writing “always take angpao from strangers” in a list of things she can do.

Feature Image via Carousell Singapore (Left), carrinelow (Right)

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