Chinese Corporate Worker Builds a Startup That Makes Over $1 Million a Year

Chinese Corporate Worker Builds a Startup That Makes Over $1 Million a YearChinese Corporate Worker Builds a Startup That Makes Over $1 Million a Year
A Chinese entrepreneur went from working as a corporate employee to building her own business that earns over a million dollars a year. Luisa Zhou was already making a salary worth six-figures by leading a corporate team.
However, the 28-year-old felt “unchallenged and suppressed” even with her high-earning job, according to Forbes. Furthermore, the Chinese entrepreneur felt restricted in her work since she didn’t feel she was using her full potential.
The constraints of Zhou’s work was also keeping her away from her family whenever they needed her the most. Zhou decided to attend a conference for online entrepreneurs, a decision that would ultimately change the course of her career.
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During the conference, the 28-year-old heard an inspirational line that motivated her to pursue her career goals as an entrepreneur:
“The only difference between the people off stage and the people on stage was that the people on stage had taken action and moved forward despite their fears.”
Zhou then started a side-business that offered digital advertising consulting and business coaching.
Although her path to building her business wasn’t without its roadblocks as she had to juggle her full-time job while finding time for her side-business. Zhou had to use up her time on lunch breaks, nights and weekends in order to slowly build-up her business.
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It’s just a matter of priorities, it’s about what you’re willing to give up in the short term to have what you want in the long term,” Zhou added. Eventually, the Chinese businesswoman was able to build a successful coaching business that generates over $1 million annually.
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Nowadays, the Chinese entrepreneur is enjoying her freedom of having a flexible work schedule. Zhou advises those hoping to start their very own service-based business to find out “what people would be willing to pay you for.” In addition, the simple notion of asking if people are willing to work with you, goes a long way. For the successful businesswoman, communication truly is the key to success.
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