K-Pop Idol Luhan Announces New Girlfriend, Literally Breaks Weibo Servers

K-Pop Idol Luhan Announces New Girlfriend, Literally Breaks Weibo ServersK-Pop Idol Luhan Announces New Girlfriend, Literally Breaks Weibo Servers
Luhan, former member of the Korean-Chinese pop group EXO, is now in a relationship with Chinese actress Guan, and the announcement broke China’s Twitter-like social media platform, Sina Weibo.
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The leading social media platform in China became inaccessible to many users on Sunday after Luhan officially confirmed his new relationship status via his Weibo account. The downtime lasted for two hours, which was caused by the massive data surge from fans liking, sharing and replying to Luhan’s update, according to What’s on Weibo.
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Hello everyone, let me introduce you to my new girlfriend @Guan Xiaotong,” Luhan wrote on his post in Chinese.
Luhan’s announcement received more than 5 million likes and around 2.5 million comments from his fans. The reactions and massive response is not entirely surprising considering that he is one of the most popular celebrities on Weibo with over 41 million of followers on his official account.
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The 27-year-old singer-turned-actor in China just wrapped up filming for the drama series “Sweet Combat” which also stars his 20-year-old girlfriend. Both Guan and Luhan play the roles of two students at a sports school who eventually fall in love with each other, South China Morning Post reported.
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Some fans were not exactly thrilled by the thought of Luhan now being of the market, expressing their dismay at the announcement of his relationship with Guan.
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Why Guan Xiaotong? Any girl would have been fine, but not her,” a commenter wrote on the post, which managed to gather more than 500,000 likes.
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