Lucy Liu reveals Bill Murray threw ‘inexcusable and unacceptable’ insults at her on ‘Charlie’s Angels’ set

Lucy Liu reveals Bill Murray threw ‘inexcusable and unacceptable’ insults at her on ‘Charlie’s Angels’ set
Thy Nguyen
July 28, 2021
Lucy Liu spoke out about the time she stood up for herself against Bill Murray after he singled her out on the set of “Charlie’s Angels.”
The clash: Liu, 52, recently did an interview on the “Los Angeles Times’ Asian Enough” podcast and revealed that Murray had insulted her while filming, reported EW.
  • Liu stated that while she couldn’t disclose too much, what occurred was the cast and crew members had reworked a scene to make it more “fluid.” Murray was not on set that day due to a family gathering he needed to attend.
  • She was not part of the rewrite as she was the last actor to be cast and had “the least amount of privilege” at the time.
  • While they were filming, Liu said Murray began to “hurl insults” and felt as if they were directed at her. When she asked if he was talking to her, it became a “one-on-one conversation.”
  • “If you confront me, I will attack and that’s exactly what happened because it was unjust and it was uncalled for,” Liu stated. “Some of the language [used] was inexcusable and unacceptable and I was not just going to sit there and take it.”
The aftermath: Liu said she does not regret standing up for herself because “no matter how low on the totem pole you may be, there’s no need to condescend or put people down.”
  • She received a lot of support from her team. Years later, she had crew members telling her they witnessed the incident and were “really grateful” that she stood up for herself.
  • Although Liu said she has nothing against Murray, who was “perfectly nice” to her at an SNL reunion, she was not going to let herself be attacked.
  • A tweet about the altercation went viral on July 9. A former production assistant commented on the post and went into detail about what happened.
Twitter reactions: Liu’s fans came to her defense in the comments by sharing gifs and noting that she was “the best part” of the movie.
  • “Bill Murray singling out Lucy, as the sole woman of color in the cast, and denigrating her acting skills and thinking he is ‘big leagues’….racist and delusional. lol,” commented one user.
  • One user wrote that he knows “Bill did not open his mouth and talk about O-Ren Ishii like that.”
  • “Who tf is Bill Murray anyway? In this house we only know Lucy Liu,” stated another fan.
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