This Spoiled Girl’s Facebook Post is Going Viral in Asia For the Worst Reason


It’s a safe bet there’s at least one woman in Singapore who will be spending her Valentine’s Day alone if a Facebook post gaining attention online is to be believed.

The Facebook post is allegedly from a woman known only as Lucrecia and was submitted to All Singapore Stuff by a contributor. It’s unclear exactly who Lucrecia is or if she is even real, but that hasn’t stopped netizens from venting their anger toward her.

The alleged Facebook post read:

Stop asking me what I want for a present. Unless you’re rich enough to buy me that YSL or LV Bag. Don’t bother asking me out on Valentine’s day either.

I’m not that average cute girl that u can handle. Don’t come near me because of my looks, Ill scare u off with my attitude.


A second alleged post from Lucrecia read:

Time to get back on track & wake up from a dream. I’ve gotten too spoilt.

Branded bags, cosmetics, diamonds, hotbod, looks & career.

‪#‎workforit‬ ‪#‎independence‬ ‪#‎女强人‬ ‪#‎iwantmyyvessaintlaurentbags‬ ‪#‎idontneedamantobehappy‬

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