‘Lucky’ Phone Number Auctioned Off in China for Over $17,400,000

How much would you pay for a phone number? Bidders in China clearly didn’t mind paying millions to acquire a special phone number currently being auctioned.

According to Strait Times, News China reported that the phone number “18888888888” was auctioned off with a winning bid of over $1,742,3000.

Sometimes, phone users pick out their own mobile digits which may mean something significant to them. Some customers pay thousands just to get the phone number of their choice, but this specific phone number is the most expensive mobile number ever auctioned in China so far, according to AsiaOne.

The price does not include the phone unit, data charges, and other billable variables. The number, which is registered to a company based in Shantou, is considered “lucky” because the word eight in Mandarin sounds like “prosper,” so many believe that the phone number will give good luck.

The money earned will reportedly be given to charity.

Image via Flickr / Ernie (CC By 2.0)

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