Chinese Designer Pays $56,000 to Give Birth In The Portland, the UK’s Most Exclusive Maternity Hospital

Lu Hui, fashion designer and wife of a wealthy business tycoon, chose to give birth to her son at a luxurious London hospital that cost her over $56,500.
Lu, 24, had a C-section to deliver her son, Lucas, at The Portland, London’s only private maternity hospital and also where Victoria Beckham had her first two sons. The Portland prides itself on its fine dining, its luxurious private suites and 24-hour attentive staff.
The cuisine, which includes lobster, champagne and afternoon tea, is prepared by a chef from The Dorchester, a luxurious five-star hotel.
The private suites include a bedroom, bathroom and sitting room. There is also complementary therapies, acupuncture, massages and reflexology. The Portland hospital is popular among the rich and famous including the Duchess of York as well as Middle Eastern royals.
Lu, whose husband runs a shipping empire out of Hong Kong, is set to appear in a BBC documentary on the hospital called “Five Star Babies.” According to the Daily Mail, the Beijing-born designer knew The Portland was her top choice when she found out she was pregnant. She said:
“I was Googling which is the best hospital to have a baby and The Portland is the top one that popped out. I know Victoria Beckham has had a baby there, she is my icon.”
Lu was also pleased her son was to be born in London hospital. She added:
“English kid sounds very posh, that’s why I choose here.”
The Portland is also known for allowing mothers to choose their method of birth. Lu opted for a C-section. She explained:
“I’m too scared to push my baby out, that has to hurt.”
The hefty $56,000 hospital bill included extra scans, blood tests, appointments with a consultant, the C-section surgery and the costs associated with her four-night stay during recovery. Janene Madden, CEO of The Portland, elaborated on the hospital’s popularity among the elite:
“They are women who are used to getting what they want and we are a hospital trying to deliver what they want. As long as they or their husband can pay for what they are requesting we will do our best to deliver.”
Lu, a graduate of London College of Fashion, is the founder of the brand SUKI London. When asked if she had other plans in case she couldn’t afford The Portland, she answered:
“Are you kidding me? I’d have died straight away!”
Fortunately, she was only joking, or so she said. Lu added:
“I am kidding, if I had no money or less money than I have now I would work really hard.”
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