Chinese Man Steals Champagne from First Class and Goes on a Drunken Rage

A Chinese passenger was booted off a United Airlines flight bound for New York after he stole champagne from first class and went on a drunken rage because he was denied a seat upgrade.
The passenger, identified only as Lu, was aboard flight UA097 departing from Shanghai when he was reportedly denied a seat upgrade request. Lu proceeded to sneak in to first class several times, stealing a bottle of champagne in the process.
Lu allegedly refused to identify himself to the crew. With a champagne bottle in hand, he began to run up and down the aisle drinking and screaming. When he refused the crew’s request to leave the plane, police were called.
Lu then threw himself in the middle of the aisle and kicked officers as they tried to restrain him. Passengers armed with zip-ties assisted the authorities who eventually dragged the man kicking and screaming off the flight before it departed.
One passenger uploaded the scene to YouTube along with this description:
“Man decided to “upgrade” himself from economy to first class. He got caught multiple times and refused to identify himself to the crew, at one point even walking down the aisles drinking champagne that he stole from first class. The crew asks him to leave the plane and he refuses. Finally, the Chinese authorities arrive to drag him off the plane. However, they claim they are not allowed to handcuff someone that is mentally unstable (???). Finally, with the help of some passengers and plastic zip-tie cuffs provided by the crew, the man is carried off the plane kicking and screaming the entire way.”
Source: Shanghaiist
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