Man Claims to Have Successfully Used LSD to Break His Facebook Addiction

Man Claims to Have Successfully Used LSD to Break His Facebook Addiction
Ryan General
By Ryan General
March 21, 2016
Many Facebook users find themselves spending too much time liking adorable puppy photos, sharing a copy-pasted song lyric or stalking random people’s posts.
According to writer Baynard Woods, small doses of LSD in the morning helped him beat his own Facebook addiction.
For his endeavor, Woods consulted psychologist James Fadiman, the author of “The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide,who introduced microdosing during a conference on psychedelic research in 2011.  
A microdose, about 10 micrograms of LSD, is being described in Silicon Valley as a tool to effectively enhance creativity. While the amount is barely enough for recreational use, it is said to be just right to provide a minor mental change.
Taking a cue from this growing culture, Woods took about 10 mcg of LSD every morning.
In his article published on VOX, Woods observed that instead of “scrolling aimlessly through Facebook,” he found himself enjoying deeper conversations with friends and even striking chats with people on the bus stop. He said that he no longer felt a compulsive desire to be constantly online.
Like many people, I often find myself scrolling aimlessly through Facebook when I tell myself I’m too tired for anything else. But that day, I stayed away from it almost completely,” wrote Woods.
When he microdosed the second time, he claimed he was completely off Facebook for three days and that he “didn’t have to know everything happening at every moment.”
While Facebook addiction has many negative effects such as anti-social behavior and depression, taking LSD carries its own risks such as anxiety, paranoia and delusions.
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