Loyal Dog Stays By Hungover Human’s Side All the Way to the Hospital After They Faint

Loyal Dog Stays By Hungover Human’s Side All the Way to the Hospital After They Faint

August 14, 2018
A loyal pet dog in China displayed human-like characteristics when it boarded an ambulance after its owner fainted on the street and patiently waited outside a hospital’s treatment room.
The incident took place in Daqing in Heilongjiang when the pet’s owner, who had been drinking the night before, suddenly fainted.
Passersby immediately went to the woman’s aid, but her dog remained by her side, circling her like a gentle guard as people waited for the ambulance, according to ThePaper via South China Morning Post on Sunday.
After the emergency response unit arrived, the dog immediately boarded the ambulance as it waited for its owner to be carried in.
That’s when the emergency medical technicians (EMTs) figured out that the dog would never leave its owner’s side until she is back to normal.
Instead of leaving the animal on the street, the EMTs let it be with its owner and ride the ambulance along with them.
Upon arriving at Daqing People’s Hospital, the dog refused to leave as it patiently waited outside the treatment room.
Hospital staff ultimately kept the dog in the building, with a security guard taking care of the canine while its owner recovers.
Normally it’s not allowed [for dogs to ride in ambulance],” nurse Yu Jingjing said. “But considering dog owners regard their pets as family members and the woman’s family or friends couldn’t be contacted, we didn’t have the heart to just leave it there.”
The patient then shouted for her dog to come after she was given the all clear by the medical staff. Daqing People’s Hospital’s head nurse Zhang Jihong realized that they made the right decision in allowing the dog to remain inside the hospital.
When we saw the patient hug the dog as soon as she woke up we knew we did right bringing it along,” she said.
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