Stray Dogs Guard Their Friend Lying on the Road After a Hit and Run in China

Loyal Dogs

Four stray, loyal dogs have been caught on video standing guard and mourning their fallen canine friend who got hit by a car.

Chinese media reported that the poor pooch was hit by a car in Lanzhou, Gansu Province, China on January 19, as translated by Shanghaiist via Medium. After the grim accident, the four stray dogs immediately rushed to the side of their departed comrade and refused to leave his side.

Cars are seen zooming past the pack of stray dogs, but this did not bother them – not one bit. It shows canines are very loyal to their kind – and their human best friends – even to the very last, like the dog who walked alongside his human companion’s funeral procession for 3 kilometers (1.8 miles).

Netizens were moved by the video. One user on China’s own take on Twitter, Weibo, wrote: “Dogs’ emotions are purer than those of humans.”

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