Loyal Dog in China Stands in Middle of Road For Months After Owner D‌ie‌s in Ca‌r Cr‌a‌s‌h

chinese dog

A viral video of a loyal dog patiently waiting for his d‌ece‌as‌e‌d owner to return is making a lot of Chinese netizens shed tears.

The canine was spotted sitting in the middle of a busy downtown road in Hohhot patiently waiting for his owner, who ‌‌di‌e‌d tr‌agi‌cally in a car c‌r‌ash in the same area.

The dog has been waiting in that very same place since August 21, the same day the owner di‌e‌d‌, according to Shanghaiist. After learning the details, sympathetic locals eventually started giving the loving animal food and water.

Volunteers from a local charity also tried to pitch in and help the pooch. They are reportedly looking for any relatives of the de‌a‌d owner; if they are unable, the volunteers would then look for a new home for the loyal dog.

Netizens, meanwhile, couldn’t help but compare the story of this pooch to the ever-famous Japanese dog, Hachiko, who waited for his owner in a train station for more than nine years in 1920.

Images screenshot via YouTube / 中国新闻网

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