Thai Cosplayer Dazzles the Internet With His Hilarious Low-Cost Costumes Using Household Supplies

Cosplaying can be a fun but expensive hobby. Creating a full set of the Master Chief’s armor or a Sailor Moon get-up, for instance, requires not only creativity, but also a significant amount of money — unless you’re this guy.
Cosplay enthusiast Anucha Saengchart has mastered the art of crafting his own entertaining costume versions of his favorite pop culture characters without spending anything at all. Thanks to his wild imagination, the 25-year-old has created some of the most memorable cosplay out of old household supplies, appliances and an insane amount of scotch tape.
The hobbyist, who also works as a caretaker for the elderly, features all of his work at his “Lowcost Cosplay” Facebook page which he created back in 2013. With more than 700,000 Facebook fans, his page has received purely positive from international followers, praising his creativity and humor.
“This guy has taken creativity to a whole new level. After all poverty is not that bad. He replaced the “v” in poverty with “w”! “ said a fan from India.
“Stupid yet creative! Make me laugh and pee at the same time!” expressed one Indonesian fan.
Now popularly known as “Low Cost Cosplay Guy,” the creative Thai cosplayer has recently updated his page with his latest works of hilarious art. This time, he takes on popular local celebrities, movies, game characters and even food products.
He usually (almost) nails it dressing as local celebrities:
His movie characters are (almost) perfection:
Of course, he just kills it as almost any video game character:
Even when he dresses up as a snack, he’s just flawless:
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