Increasing population of low-income Asian Americans in New York suburbs are met with lack of services

low-income new york city lack of resources

City Limits published a report on Oct. 14 stating low-income Asian Americans have moved to New York suburbs, but social services have not caught up with that trend.

Migration: City Limits, an investigative news organization based in New York City, identifies and explains urban development and economic issues in the city.

  • The organization reported that the number of low-income Asian Americans in and around New York City rose by 15% over the last decade, and poorer Asian Americans have moved to surrounding suburbs with minimal social services.
  • It cited a study by researchers at Asian American Federation (AAF) who found that 290,000 Asian Americans in the New York City Metropolitan Area experienced poverty in 2019 — an increase from the 252,000 in 2010.
  • City Limits states that this corresponds to the overall rise of the Asian American population, as Asian Americans are the fastest growing racial or ethnic group in the U.S.
  • AAF Executive Director Jo-Ann Yoo said the findings should alert the region to the comprehensive needs of a fast-growing population and the important role of media, community leaders and other institutions in affecting change.
  • “Providing relevant services will require outreach that makes use of cultural networks, ethnic media, and trusted voices and leaders in the community, and could go a long way to lifting this community out of poverty,” Yoo said.

Featured Image via Clay Banks

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