‘Low-Cost’ Thai Cosplayer is Back With Wittier Costumes and a Sexier Body

Anucha Saengchart, the Thai cosplayer who turns household supplies into epic costumes, returns with even more creative photos — and a sexier physique!

With his limitless imagination, Cha is living proof that cosplay doesn’t have to be expensive to make people turn their heads.

His Facebook page, aptly titled “Lowcostcosplay,” has nearly 3.5 million followers today — a huge growth since he started it in 2013.

As fans would know, Cha also lost a lot of weight, but never his unmatched creativity and humor!

He has really stepped up his game these days!

Check out our favorites:

And of course, the ultimate classic:

Images via Facebook / Lowcostcosplay

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