Watch: ‘Low-budget BTS’ performance at woman’s 18th birthday wins hearts

Watch: ‘Low-budget BTS’ performance at woman’s 18th birthday wins hearts
Bryan Ke
October 25, 2023
It was a coming-of-age celebration like no other as one Filipino woman celebrated her important day with a performance from a “low-budget BTS” boy band.
Key details: TikTok user @patchwita uploaded a video to TikTok on Sunday showing a group of men impersonating Korean mega group BTS during what seems to be a grand 18th birthday celebration for their sister, an occasion also known in the Philippines as “debut,” which is similar to quinceañeras, but is instead celebrated at 18 instead of 15.
About the video: The video, which has already amassed over 690,000 views in just a few days since its posting, starts with the group making their grand entrance as the crowd erupts in cheers. Accompanying the celebrant, the group waves at the guests as they make their way onto the stage, where they perform BTS’ song “Boy With Luv” featuring Halsey.
Another angle: TikTok user @patchwita also uploaded another video showing the group’s entrance, which features a more close-up angle of the members.
Details to know: Responding to the comments, @patchwita explained that the man who played RM in the group was their brother, while the other members of the “low-budget BTS” boy band were his friends, adding that most of them are already a member of the ARMY, BTS’ fan base, and the others are already making their transition.
The original poster also added that the group only practiced their routine the night before.
How people reacted: Many Filipinos in the comment section cheered for the group, with some praising them for their performance, with one TikTok user commenting, “Salute to the guys for doing this for the birthday girl.”
“Bat ako naiiyak (Why am I crying),” another TikTok user wrote in all capitalized letter in Filipino, while another comment read, “Nakangiti lang ako the whole time (I was smiling the whole time).”
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