Former British Politician Slammed for Telling Indian Woman She Isn’t a Person ‘of Color’

Former British Politician Slammed for Telling Indian Woman She Isn’t a Person ‘of Color’

January 11, 2017
News Corp’s Louise Mensch caused a Twitter storm on Monday after she told a female Asian protester at a media reform rally that she is not a person of color.
Hacked Off campaigners gathered outside the Department for Culture Media and Sport to protest the government consultation on section 40 of the Levenson Inquiry, which pressures news organizations to sign up to a recognized regulator, reported Independent.
Those media groups that decide to opt out of signing up would “generally have to pay the costs for both sides in libel or privacy claims, whatever the outcome of the case.”
Mensch, a Conservative MP-turned-VP of creative and strategy at News Corp, retweeted a photo of the Section 40 protest, saying that there were no people of color who attended the event.
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And by ‘protestors’ we mean seven old white blokes with beards, three girls in Chelsea tractor troos and nobody of colour,” she wrote.
Twitter user Hannah Mian, who was at the demonstration, wasn’t about to let Mensch off the hook, replying that she is a person of color:
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Mensch took it upon herself to search for a picture of Mian and accompanied it with the caption, “No Hannah, no you are not.
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In a follow-up tweet, Mian posted a photo of herself wearing a traditional Indian sari dress, and holding what appears to be a mimosa drink.
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Twitter users came to the young woman’s defense, with one photoshopping her in front of the Taj Mahal and an elephant grabbing her drink.
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Others said Mensch, who is clearly not a person of color, does not get to decide who is and who isn’t one:
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According to Press Gazette, Mensch resigned from her seat in parliament in 2012 to spend more time with her family and helped News Corp found the alternative news site Heat Street.
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