Lottery winner, scrap collector in China go viral for separate acts of generosity

Lottery winner, scrap collector in China go viral for separate acts of generosityLottery winner, scrap collector in China go viral for separate acts of generosity
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Ryan General
December 20, 2023
A lottery winner and a scrap collector from China are making headlines for their extraordinary, individual acts of generosity. 
Windfall philanthropy: A lottery winner from Puyang, Henan province, identified only as Guo, won an 86.62 million yuan ($12.14 million) prize in the Chinese Super Lotto draw last month. In an unusual move, he chose to donate 53 million yuan ($7.4 million) — roughly 61% of his winnings — to the Henan Sports Development Foundation, reported China Daily
The foundation, which typically relies on corporate sponsorships and individual contributions, expressed its gratitude for Guo’s generosity. “This is truly noble and demonstrates immense compassion,” a representative said.
More than needed: Guo’s windfall came from a simple 100 yuan ($14) ticket, purchased at a local convenience store. He said his winnings exceeds his needs, noting that he plans to invest the remaining prize money in a business and secure a good education for his children.
“I won’t lie down just because I won the lottery. I still need to work hard!” he told local reporters.
A silent hero: Guo’s kind gesture also shone a spotlight on Hu Lei, a scrap collector in Gansu province who has silently donated over a million yuan ($140,150) to charity over the past 15 years. Despite facing physical challenges due to polio, he has helped support about 20,000 children unable to attend formal schooling due to various health issues, reported the Beijing Times.
Not a celebrity: Hu has gained admiration from netizens on social media after a video of a young girl being moved to tears by his donation recently went viral. Some netizens suggested that he create his channel for visibility, but he declined, saying, “I don’t want to become an internet celebrity; it’s not easy for everyone.”
While both Guo and Hu earned praise online for their generosity, some social media users expressed skepticism. Some have questioned whether the donations are real, while others questioned the motives behind them.
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